iac’s angel investors’ website, which has over 1 million investors, has been inundated with queries and offers of investment.

The website, launched in June, offers a wide range of investment options including angel grants, loans and equity funding.

“We are now providing you with an easy-to-use, interactive platform where you can find your perfect match, manage your investments and reach your financial goals,” the website said.

“Angel Investors” website iac invests $1.8 billion every day through partnerships with angel funds, fund management firms, angel investors and private equity firms.

iac is one of the biggest investors in the country and its stock has risen more than 400 per cent since August 2017.

The company also recently started working with a number of tech start-ups, including Flipkart and Uber.

The Angel Investors website also gives users the ability to create a personal portfolio, which can be accessed on a mobile app.

The “personal portfolio” option offers investors the option to invest in a specific portfolio type or category and choose one of seven investment strategies, including stocks, mutual funds, mutual bonds, funds in the equity market, or in bonds.

Investors can then set the portfolio allocation for their investment, and it is up to them to decide on how much to put into each asset class.

The investors can also create their own fund, which will have the same investment strategy as the portfolio and invest in that asset class as well.

While iac currently offers angel investors the opportunity to invest their money into a specific fund, it is also looking into the possibility of offering angel investors funds in other asset classes, such as bonds.

The iac Angel Investors site has been widely embraced by investors.

The site has already attracted more than 7,000 users, and now more than 1,000 new investors have signed up.

“There are hundreds of investors who have already invested in Angel Investors,” said Muthunthi Roychowdhury, chief executive officer at iac.

“The website has been hugely helpful to our angel investors who are looking for the right platform to invest with.”

The website also features a wealth of information about the investment strategy, the fund management company that will be managing the investment, as well as an option to purchase shares in Angel Investments.

“For investors looking for a safe, reliable platform to manage their investments, Angel Investors is the best place to start,” Mr Roychowshury said.

Source: Al Jazeera