Activist investors have become disillusioned with Wayfair and its Investor Relations Department.

It has been an ongoing problem with Wayfarers inability to keep up with the changing landscape of investing.

Activist Investors have expressed concerns about the way Wayfair has conducted itself since its acquisition by activist investor Carl Icahn’s Icahn Enterprises in 2009.

In April this year Wayfair introduced its Investor Affairs department.

The department is responsible for marketing Wayfarer products and services.

Its website lists the following responsibilities: • Responsible for maintaining accurate records on all of Wayfareer’s products and service offerings, including any information that could be considered confidential or proprietary information.

• Ensuring compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations and providing an avenue for Wayfareers customers to review and opt out of products and/or services that violate the law.

• Providing customer service through the Customer Experience and Feedback sections of the website.

• Managing internal communications, internal research, and communication between Wayfareerr and Wayfair.

• Developing and maintaining the company’s website, social media accounts and other marketing and communications capabilities, including on and its website.

According to the company website, the department is currently comprised of seven people:  • Chief Financial Officer: Jannan Singh • CFO: Adil Kumar • Director: Rajesh Rao • Marketing Director: Suresh Kumar • Sales Director: Anshul Patel • COO: Arun Kumar • Chief Technology Officer: Srinivasan Ram • Chief Operations Officer: Kunal Kannan • Chief Marketing Officer: Ankit Kumar • Senior VP Marketing: Jayesh Kumar • Executive VP Marketing & Strategy: Pranav Jain • Executive Product Marketing & Brand: Sajid Jain.

It is not clear who these other seven people are or how they all fit into the overall management structure.

However, it is clear that Wayfareres corporate marketing team has not been adequately trained in how to effectively engage the public on a range of issues. 

As a result, a lot of the questions and concerns about Wayfare are being raised through social media.

This has led to a significant amount of negative publicity for the company.

The response from customers has been extremely negative and many are now questioning whether or not they should buy Wayfare as well.

Many have been questioning whether it is worth buying Wayfare at all, given the problems the company has had with its Investor relations department in the past.

On the other hand, it may be possible for Wayfair to turn the corner, or at least begin to improve its customer service to make Wayfare easier to use.

However Wayfare has yet to respond to questions or respond to many of the criticisms that have been raised.

What are your thoughts on Wayfairs lack of investment in investor relations?

Please share your thoughts below.


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