Uber has launched a page for those affected by the deadly train collision that killed four people and injured dozens more in the city of Wuhan, China.

The page, titled “Support for victims, families, and those affected,” was posted on Friday on the UberChina account, and it has received more than 4,300 comments so far.

“Please support our families and friends in this time of great need,” the post reads.

Uber is seeking donations to help families and victims’ relatives pay for funeral expenses.

Wuhan is a sprawling city in the south of the country, home to about 1.3 million people.

It is home to factories and factories of the automotive industry.

Many of those killed in the train crash have been Chinese citizens, and many have Chinese surnames, which often means their family names are similar to the Chinese word for “home”.

According to the Shanghai Daily, Wuhans police chief Liu Ping-chen told the newspaper that the accident was caused by a defective train locomotive, which had failed in a “faulty, defective design.”

The train, operated by China Railway Group, was heading towards a new route when it derailed.

It was travelling at a speed of 110 kilometers per hour (56 mph), and was travelling near the edge of a track when it collides with a semi-truck carrying people on the tracks, according to Xinhua.

The train then hit a tree and overturned, with the passengers on board dying, Xinhua reported.

The National Transportation Safety Bureau said that at least three people were taken to hospitals in the capital city, while six others were reported to be in critical condition.