NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) stock is currently up more than 6% on the year and its outperforming the broader market.

The stock is trading at a premium in the short term as it is expected to reach its highest price per share for the year at $17.85.

The company’s stock price is a premium over AMD (NASQ: AMD) stock, which is currently trading at $11.30 per share.

NVIDIA stock has a strong upside potential, but its downside potential is limited.

The potential upside is that the stock could be overvalued if it continues to outperform the broader stock market.

Tesla Motors (NAS: TSLA) stock also has a substantial upside potential.

It is currently undervalued by over 4x in the past 12 months.

Tesla has become one of the most powerful electric vehicle makers in the world and is the dominant manufacturer of the Model S and Model X. The Tesla brand has become synonymous with driving and autonomous vehicles, which has made Tesla a very attractive investment opportunity for investors.

NVIDIA shares are a good value for the average investor, but investors who are willing to pay a premium are going to want to look for Tesla shares in a position of strength.

Tesla shares are priced at a low premium compared to AMD shares, which makes the stock a great value for those looking for a low-cost Tesla stock.


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