A year ago, it was the start of the American economy.

The first signs of life appeared as the global economy came roaring back from the global financial crisis.

But with so many of us still reeling from the financial crisis, the American recovery was nowhere near complete.

Now that the dust has settled and the US economy has recovered, the stock market is booming again.

Here are the key things you need to know about buying and selling US stocks in 2018:The stock market has recovered and the recovery has been pretty good.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has risen nearly 400 points over the past year.

But the US market has been trending downwards since the start, and it is only about to recover again.

And the market is going to continue to rise, which means the market has a lot of room to expand further in the future.

The Dow Jones industrial average is currently up 4,868 points since the end of the financial panic in September 2016.

The market is also surging.

Last year, the Dow was down more than 600 points, but it has since recovered.

The Nasdaq has climbed as much as 2,000 points, the S&P 500 has climbed over 2,500 points and the Russell 2000 is up over 2.4 million points.

And if you were wondering how much the US stock market had recovered since September 2016, the answer is $100bn.

The US market is now valued at $1.6 trillion.

The US stock markets are also going to keep rising, which is good news for the economy.

US stocks are up over 200% since the financial crash.

The stock market’s return is driven by both tech and financial services, as well as technology-related companies.

This is a good time for investors.

Investors need to start looking for opportunities in emerging markets to invest.

China is a great place to look, especially if you are looking to buy shares of China’s state-owned companies.

And a lot is riding on this year’s US presidential election, with both candidates making strong and credible statements about the economy and the need for strong and sustained economic growth.

And, of course, the election will also bring more US foreign policy decisions, and US military action.

There are also a lot more opportunities for investors in emerging market countries.

China has a huge stock market.

In 2018, China’s stock market will reach a record high.

China’s government is also the biggest investor in the emerging markets, with over $400bn in 2018 alone.

And China’s economic growth will continue to accelerate in the years ahead.

The stock markets have also begun to gain traction in emerging nations.

Emerging markets are generally more stable, with many emerging markets outperforming the US over the long term.

Emerging market stocks are also gaining momentum, as evidenced by the recent success of Indian stocks, India’s largest stock market, which recently surpassed the Dow Jones.

Investors should also keep an eye out for the US dollar.

The dollar is still very volatile and there is still some uncertainty about the US economic outlook, but a lot has changed since September.

In the long run, the US is going from a strong dollar to a strong economy, and the dollar is going up.

In 2018, the United States will have a new president, who will be the first Asian American to serve as president.

And with President-elect Donald Trump, the new administration has made it clear that they are not going to tolerate any more American influence in Asia.

This will continue until the end.

In the US, the biggest issues will be healthcare, taxes and trade.

The healthcare debate is likely to dominate the news.

And as with most issues, healthcare will be a hot button.

For investors, it will be good to know that healthcare costs are going down in the United State.

But there are also some areas where the United Kingdom is performing very well.

And for the first time, the UK is doing better than most of its neighbours.

The tax debate is going ahead.

Many analysts have predicted that a big change is coming in the next few years.

In some areas, it looks like America will be getting a much bigger cut in taxes, but the UK could be in for a big tax cut, too.

The United States is one of the largest tax havens in the world.

The United States has one of only three countries that do not tax its exports.

And many of those exports are made in other countries, so the United Americans have the ability to get away with a lot.

But that’s not good enough for the United American people.

In 2020, the tax rate on corporate profits will rise from 15% to 25%.

In 2020, there will be tax cuts for small businesses.

In 2020 there will also be an income tax cut for families.

The most important of these changes is likely in the corporate tax rate, which will rise to 25% from 15%.

This will help American businesses.

The tax cuts are going to help companies invest