In an exclusive interview with RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Nvazha Rachamannarath, CEO of NvAX, has said the world is not ready for the NvZax brand.

NvAx will continue to grow in Ireland, with its launch planned for January next year.

Nvax CEO Nvakha Rassamannath says that with the new Nvzax brand, Navax is moving forward, but the world will be a different place when NvXax is no longer available.

We are not saying we will never make it, but we are trying to stay relevant.

We want to stay ahead of the game and create a great product for the next generation of investors.

Navazha said she hopes the launch will give Irish investors more confidence in the company, and the new technology it is bringing.

Navax said it will be launching Nvzxax in the United States in the coming months.