CrowdStrike’s investor relations team said on Thursday that the company is “not going to make a comment on specific individual news reports” and added that the firm “does not have any comment on individual stories.”

However, the firm has had its share of controversies recently, including a recent hacking incident that revealed information about customers’ banking accounts.

That breach prompted some to suggest the firm was more closely tied to the Russian government than the United States government.

In December, CrowdStrike released its third annual report on cybersecurity and privacy.

According to the report, the company “is a trusted contributor to the open source community,” and its research and development work “is an integral part of the Open Source Initiative.”

That report has been heavily criticized by critics and experts, with many of them blaming CrowdStrike for making the data publicly available and for the breach of the Democratic National Committee.

That breach led to the release of emails that included the personal details of DNC staff and contractors, as well as information about the party’s fundraising, campaign and analytics teams.

The firm also disclosed in a report that its cybersecurity research team was “responsible for the disclosure of the personal information of millions of consumers to foreign actors.”

The company has previously stated that it has been working to improve its cybersecurity practices and has promised to “improve our reputation.”