From the outside, an employee at a software company in Boston could be described as a typical employee.

But as the company begins its first full year of profitability, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Employees have grown more and more vocal about their struggles, demanding better conditions, more frequent sick days, and a raise in pay for their employees.

And when they complain about management, the company has to respond, and it doesn’t always respond well.

As a result, the Boston-based company is in a state of limbo.

That’s because it can’t keep up with rising employee demands and is running out of money.

The situation is so dire that the company is forced to put employees on leave and reduce the number of people working for the company.

This is a big concern for some investors.

But while the company’s performance has suffered, the broader investment community is looking to the future with a lot of skepticism.

Why aren’t these companies doing much better?

And what are they trying to do about it?

These questions are explored in this episode of Investor Village.

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