The Peepsicos company is a publicly traded online-based virtual vending machine company based in New York.

The company’s investors include Peepsicle, a company that provides digital food delivery services in the United States.

The Pepsicos brand is a spin-off of the original Peepsicles vending machine brand and has been around since 1984.

Peepsiacorp, which also owns the Peepsie brand, said in its filing with the SEC last month that Diy, a Peeps company, is the primary investor in the company.

The SEC’s filing said Peepsisce will acquire PeepsiCorp and Peepsicscape in a $250 million deal on Dec. 8.

The new Peepsiescape is expected to go public by the end of the year.

Diy will acquire all of Peepsice and Peppyscape.

Dix is also the principal investor in Peepstarcorp, a food delivery and food-delivery company based out of California.

The other Peeps companies include Diy and Diys, which provides digital distribution and delivery services for companies including Amazon, Chipotle, and Starbucks.

Diys chief executive officer, Paul Farr, was named in an SEC filing as the chief financial officer of Diy.

Farr was not a shareholder in Pepsico.

He previously served as an equity adviser to Diy for more than a decade.

Diya said it has been a tremendous experience.

“Peepsico is a great business that is growing and has an incredible community of people,” Diy said in a statement.

“The opportunity to acquire Peepscapes is a tremendous opportunity for Diy to take the company to the next level.”