COTy Investment Advisors is looking for investment managers with an MBA and a master’s degree.

According to a job ad on the firm’s website, the job includes “advisory services” and is “committed to the investment management industry”.

In other words, it’s an agency for companies to hire and run.

The job listing, which advertises itself as being a “first class portfolio management firm”, appears to have been made before the company’s stock plunged in September last year and its shares subsequently fell by as much as 40 per cent.

“If you want to build a company and build a portfolio, you need to be able to take a risk,” the job ad says.

It goes on to offer “an opportunity to work in a highly competitive and high-value industry with the ability to make a meaningful impact” for COTys clients.

That is the description of one of the jobs advertised on COTynet, a website which lists investment advisers who are “comfortable with large portfolio management teams, highly collaborative teams, large-scale projects, complex trading and hedging, or in a fast-moving industry”.

“It is very challenging to manage the complex portfolio management business.

The portfolio management industry is highly competitive,” it says.

“In order to succeed, you will need to understand the investment banking business and the investment industry.”

COTynets website does not indicate how many of the firms listed are located in New York or Chicago.

The firm’s portfolio manager, Joseph Osterman, is an associate professor of investment banking at the Columbia Business School and a former managing director of investment advisory firm KPMG.

According to a profile of Mr Ostermann in The New York Times, he “was one of KPMGs most experienced and trusted portfolio managers”.

“He is also an accomplished portfolio manager himself, having served as CEO and chairman of KMA in the mid-2000s, where he led a team of portfolio managers and advisers to create the largest and most successful portfolio management program in the United States,” the profile said.

Mr Ostermans LinkedIn profile says that he has “experienced portfolio management for a wide range of clients, including corporate clients, investment firms, pension funds, and governments, including the US Department of Treasury and US Treasury Department.”

His LinkedIn profile also lists his position as “associate portfolio manager of portfolio management at KPMB”.

Coty said it has more than 1,600 investment advisers, most of them outside the US.

The company says that its portfolio management services are available to clients across the globe.

In the US, COTyrad is currently accepting applications.

The listing for the New York listing has since been removed.