McDonald’s is launching a “Smart Franchise Partnership” for franchisees who want to start up a new restaurant.

The company’s executive director of franchising, Tom Smith, confirmed the initiative in a statement today.

“As we begin the transition to a new model, we are launching a new franchise partner program to assist our franchisees with business planning, marketing, and sales,” Smith said.

“We are excited about this opportunity for McDonald’s franchisees to connect with one another, build a stronger business and get the franchise business up and running faster.”

McDonald’s will use the partnership to create “a comprehensive marketing plan that focuses on our franchise business and helps to help them understand the benefits of the franchise model and how it works.”

The company said it is “working with franchisees and other interested parties to identify and execute the new franchise model.”

“This partnership will be an important first step in building a brand that we believe will make us a better restaurant and more valuable to our customers, and help us grow and expand our business,” Smith added.