Uber is a company whose stock has surged as of late in anticipation of its upcoming IPO.

The company’s stock has been up almost $1,200 since Monday, and it is now up more than 400% since the start of the year.

This is an extraordinary run.

Uber is the second-largest company in the world, after Google, with revenues of $48 billion.

But unlike Google, Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick has also been a major investor in other companies, including Apple.

And he’s made a ton of money on Uber’s share price, and he is well-known for doing this.

Uber’s stock is trading at about $42 a share, so it is a very attractive price for many investors, but some are worried that this is not enough for many people.

That’s because, unlike Google or Apple, Uber does not want to be seen as a money-loser.

The ride-hailing company has a $1.7 trillion market cap.

But that does not mean that investors are happy with the company.

There are plenty of other investors who are not happy with Uber, as well.

Uber does have a lot of cash, which is a big part of why its stock is so high.

But as of now, Uber has only $3.5 billion in cash and no other cash on hand, according to data compiled by The Wall Street Journal.

It is also hard to make money off Uber because its business model is heavily dependent on its drivers.

But there is another problem.

Uber has no way to compete with UberX, which has a similar business model but has a bigger network of drivers.

UberX is a service that allows users to hail rides from private cars and have them pick them up in their own vehicles.

Uber also has a new service called UberEATS, which will allow drivers to work as independent contractors and earn a living off the side.

UberEats is currently available only in California, but it will be rolled out to all states in the coming months.

So UberX and UberEAT are not competing directly against each other, and Uber is not even competing directly with Uber.

Uber did, however, make a big splash with its $1 billion funding round, which included a big chunk of Google Ventures.

The investors also got Uber’s board to approve a $300 million round of stock buybacks.

This was a huge deal, since it put the company on a much better footing than the previous investors had.

But it has not stopped investors from questioning Uber’s viability.

Some investors have argued that Uber has not made enough money to cover its expenses.

And some investors have even gone as far as to suggest that Uber’s valuation is inflated because the company is doing too much in the market to compete.

But Uber is facing a problem.

The market is saturated with companies.

So many people are willing to pay for a ride.

That means that Uber is running a loss, and the stock is losing money fast.

Uber was a startup when it was founded in 2012.

But over the years, it has grown to be one of the biggest players in the ride-sharing industry.

But even though Uber has grown into a billion-dollar company, its revenue is still less than half of Google’s.

Uber currently has $2.7 billion in revenue.

That is still a lot, but this is about to change.

Google, which owns Uber, has recently raised $3 billion in venture capital from many investors.

Uber now has $5 billion cash on its balance sheet, and there are plenty more investors who want to buy into Uber.

It also has some cash from the sale of its stake in the ridesharing service Lyft.

The valuation of Uber now stands at $46 billion.

That would make it the second most valuable company in terms of total market capitalization behind Google.

But this is still way behind Apple.

Uber will need to raise more money to stay afloat, and that means Uber needs to get more revenue out of its drivers to pay them more.

There have been many rumors about Uber’s drivers getting some form of compensation for their hard work.

But for now, there is no indication that the drivers are getting any.

Uber said that it does not know what the drivers would be paid for their work.

And there is a huge amount of uncertainty around how Uber drivers would make money from the new service.

Uber declined to comment on these rumors.