Investors in angel investing sites like AngelList and AngelBase are looking to secure a secure and efficient investment platform for their digital currency and other digital assets.

As AngelList continues to grow and as the number of investors grows, the platform is expanding its focus from the crypto space to more mainstream investments like real estate, corporate, and personal finance.

AngelList CEO Ben Thompson recently told VentureBeat that AngelList’s focus is on investing in the “digital world, the Internet of Things, and more”.

The platform’s website,, features a wealth of information and tools, including investing guides and tools to help investors understand their investment opportunity.

For a new investor looking to invest in a digital currency or digital asset, angel investors can look to a wealth or portfolio of AngelList investing tools to get a feel for how these investments can work for them.

In an interview with VentureBeat, Thompson said that Angel List’s focus on digital asset investing is the result of the platform’s “long-term vision”.

While AngelList doesn’t currently provide investment advice, the founder believes that the platform will provide investors with the best investment information available.

“Our focus is not on what the market is going to do, but on what we believe is best for the investor,” Thompson said.

“We think the best way to go is to find the investment opportunity that is right for you and your situation.”

While the AngelList platform does not offer investment advice in the same way that Angellist does, Thompson says that the site will offer a wide variety of investment opportunities for investors to consider.

For example, AngelList offers a portfolio of digital assets like bitcoin, ether, ether Classic, and litecoin, along with real estate investments.

Additionally, the site also offers an asset allocation calculator that can help investors determine which assets are suitable for their particular investment.

The site also features an investor survey that can allow investors to answer a variety of questions about their investment, such as the best ways to invest their digital assets, how to invest with angel investors, and how to set up and manage a wallet.

Additionally, Angellist offers a wealth management tool that allows investors to track their portfolio of investments, and can help them decide what investments to make when the time comes to sell or sell their portfolio.