Nvidia has announced plans to release a new graphics processor, a new video game graphics processor and a new smartphone graphics processor.

The announcements come a week after Intel said it will launch a new chip with 3D graphics capabilities later this year. 

The announcements are part of a broader plan to increase Nvidia’s chip portfolio, including a new GPU. 

Nvidia said that the new GPU would have two major features: A “super GPU” and a “super low-power” chip. 

This means that Nvidia’s GPU will run on a smaller and cheaper chip, but will have a much higher performance. Super GPU The super GPU will enable GPUs to run at a higher clock rate than the chips used in mobile phones and other low-cost devices. 

“This is the best-performing chip for gaming, and it’s a new class of low-energy, low-wattage graphics chips that we’ve never seen before,” Nvidia’s VP of GPU development, Mike Osterholm, said at the event. 

These new chips will also have some features that are already in the Pascal architecture, including better efficiency, improved memory performance and support for multi-core CPUs, Nvidia said. 

AMD will also launch a graphics chip, the new “Radeon R9 Fury” and the new Radeon “R9 Fury X” this year, Nico said.AMD and Nvidia declined to provide details about the new chips. 

In addition to the graphics chips, Nvidia is also making a new tablet computer, which it calls the “Kaveri”, which will have an Nvidia chip on board. 

It will be priced at $199. 

Other companies are also investing in new graphics chips and are working on new smartphone and gaming products. 

Apple is investing $10 million in chip maker Qualcomm, which makes chips used by its phones and tablets. 

Microsoft is working on a chip that will be sold by Nvidia to power its Surface tablets.AMD also plans to launch a low-end gaming PC based on the “Razer”, a gaming tablet from the makers of the X-Box and Playstation. 

While Nvidia is investing heavily in graphics, it also plans a new way to develop and sell GPUs. 

At a presentation on Thursday, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said Nvidia is creating a new business model that will help it sell graphics chips to customers. 

He said that Nvidia will sell chips to the highest-end customers who will get an Nvidia product as part of their device. 

We are not going to be selling a $300 card for $250 and say to people, “Hey, you have a $100 graphics card and it supports this game, but you can’t use it in that game.” 

“We will be selling this product for $300, so it’s $300 of revenue per unit.

And that means it’s not like you’re buying a $200 graphics card for a $250 device,” he said.

The company will also offer its own graphics chips for $200. 

Intel will sell its graphics chips at a discounted price. 

That’s because Nvidia will be making chips in partnership with Intel for its chip portfolio. 

What to know about the latest AMD graphics chips: