In his first year as the chief investment officer of a savings bank, Mike Ruppert, has been able to pick a few winners.

He has picked the top ten investments of the past decade.

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Exxon Mobil Corp. $1,716,966,769 2.

Verizon Communications Inc. $946,811,746 3. IBM Corp. $6,932,926,6 4.

Johnson & Johnson Inc.  $2,868,848,8 5.

Google Inc.   $1.739,638,6 6.

Caterpillar Inc.    $1 million,000,000 7.

Intel Corp.    $1,890,847,8 8. Nike Inc.     $2.749,837,9 9.

General Electric Co.   $10,000 billion 10.

Google $50 billion,000 The list goes on and on.

He said that it’s important for the industry to diversify and invest in a diversified portfolio.

“The only way to do that is to have diversified companies in the space,” Ruppet said.

He also pointed out that the current market has been volatile and the future of the economy is not certain.

“You can’t really get an accurate forecast of what’s going to happen to the economy, or how the economy’s going get better,” he said.

So, for example, if there is a massive earthquake in the middle of the next decade, then the savings bank will not be able to invest.

However, he said that he is not sure that there is enough data to know what kind of impact a massive disaster would have on the economy.

“I think there’s a certain amount of uncertainty in the market,” he told CNBC.

He said that the companies that have been the winners of the last 10 years have not had a lot of money to invest, which he said is partly why they are picking winners.

In fact, he pointed out how much of the stock picks that have come out of the savings banking industry over the past 10 years has been based on the market.

He added that they are not necessarily all winners, but that they do have the best chance to pick the top investments.

The stock picks have not been great, but they are generally good for the company, he added.

 There are also some companies that are doing very well and have picked winners, he noted.

Some of these companies have gotten some of their big investments from their competitors. 

Ruppert also mentioned how the market has reacted to the recent financial crisis and the recent slowdown in growth.

So, it has not been that big a surprise to see the financial crisis, but now that the economy has recovered and things are starting to return, he expects that the stock pickers will focus on diversification and better investing.

Roppert noted that the stocks he has picked have been not as big as some of the other investments that he has put in.

When he was picking companies, he did not pick a specific company, but he picked a company that is close to him, and he said he is looking to get those picks. 

Ruppet also mentioned that the biggest investment in the stock market was the purchase of IBM. 

He said he did it to help the company grow and diversify. 

 Rabbits is a great place to invest in and there are a lot more people there that have done that, Ruppt added. 

The best advice that I have been getting is to pick investments that are very low risk, and that have a low correlation to each other,” he added, and to diversitate the money.

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