Apple has been criticized for its lack of support for third-party apps for iOS devices, but Apple’s support for developers to build third-parties for iOS is still limited.

According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, Apple is reportedly still in the process of rolling out third-level iOS apps that would allow third-tier apps to be built for the company’s devices, as well as supporting third- and fourth-party developers for their apps.

Apple has a number of third-class apps that do not require third-person functionality and are intended for third parties, such as Apple Maps and the Apple Music app, but those are only available in the App Store for iOS and Mac.

Apple’s third-and-fourth-party developer program is limited, and Apple is still waiting on third- party apps for the third-platforms platform.

According to the report, Apple’s lack of third party support could potentially hurt its ability to deliver apps on its own platforms.

Apple is also reportedly waiting on developer support for the Apple Watch and other third-generation products, as it will need to build apps to support those products in the future.

Apple declined to comment when contacted by Fox Sports.