Viking Global investors are seeking an investor relations representative to assist with recruitment, hiring and compensation for their global investors.

The company said in a blog post today that this position is available to all investors worldwide.

In addition, Viking Global is hiring.

The posting notes that the position is part-time and the HR representative will not be paid a commission.

“We are currently looking for an HR representative to help our global investors to get to know each other, and to make connections in the future,” the post reads.

The position is also open to women.

The post also notes that recruitment is a key part of the Viking Global’s investment strategy, as the company is constantly recruiting for a range of roles.

For example, the company recently hired a recruiter for its corporate HR team.

The post does not detail how much money the recruiter will make.

The company also said in its blog post that recruitment will begin in early 2018.

The hiring is currently being handled by a “Global HR team.”

“We want to thank our global partners for their understanding and commitment to our success and vision,” the company wrote.

“You are part of what makes Viking Global so successful.

We are grateful for your time and dedication to this mission.”