Amazon’s investors are calling on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to create a new “investor relations” team for the retailer, which is struggling to attract enough top talent to stay relevant as its stock has tumbled.

“Amazon is a great example of a company that has built a reputation for being innovative and innovative businesses,” said Scott Belson, the chief executive officer of Capital Alpha Partners, a Boston-based investment advisory firm.

“But Amazon has a long way to go to compete with the companies that have come before it.”

“Amazon has an impressive track record of growing its core businesses, but it needs to start by expanding its portfolio of other business segments that have been successful,” he said.

“Amazon needs to hire more experts in the investment side of things to improve its efficiency and effectiveness.”

Belson said Amazon needs to invest more in its operations and increase its staff in its technology operations.

He said Amazon’s investment in technology should include hiring more engineers, developers, marketers and other experts.

The company has said it plans to spend $2 billion in a year to expand its business.

Bezos is currently seeking an additional $250 million to spend in its businesses.

Amazon is trying to address growing pains with its existing investors.

The retailer is currently in the midst of the worst selling season in decades and is struggling with its inability to attract top talent from outside the U.S.

Amazon has been trying to attract more people to its business with acquisitions, including buying online-retailer for $775 million in 2014.

Bezos has said he wants to invest $100 billion in the business and create 500,000 jobs in the next five years.

He also said he would like to buy Whole Foods and a slew of other grocery and other retail chains, including the online-delivery service AmazonFresh.

The investment is part of a larger effort by Bezos and the company to diversify the company’s revenue stream.

It also could lead to increased investment in new products and services that could help Amazon maintain its leadership position in the e-commerce sector.

In a conference call with investors last week, Bezos said Amazon is working to expand online delivery and bring its e-retailing business to “every corner of the world.”

He said Amazon would also consider expanding its services for retail, from fulfillment to logistics.

Belson noted Amazon’s existing employees are generally well-educated and experienced.

But Amazon needs talent from other industries and outside the company, he said, adding that Amazon’s executives need to start bringing in more top talent.

“There’s no shortage of talent,” he told investors.

“You need to get more people from outside of the company.”

The company is currently facing a crisis in its warehouse operations, with warehouses that have long been used by Amazon customers unable to keep up with demand and the inability to keep inventory up to date.

Amazon is looking to buy warehouse giant Alamo Drafthouse and plans to build a massive new facility to handle its online-only operations.