The venture capital firm of investor and venture capitalist Mark Cuban has announced it will fund a $50 million round of funding for Shark Tanks investors.

Cuban will also join Shark Tank founder Jeff Bezos and others in the round, as well as investors like Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital, which was previously backed by Amazon.

The round was led by Digital Ventures, a venture capital company founded by Mark Cuban.

It also includes investors like Y Combinator, Andreessen, Andrej Pejic and other major investors.

Digital Ventures said the money will help fund Shark Tank’s new business model and expansion into the world of online advertising.

“We have long wanted to bring Shark Tank to the world, and we are delighted to be working with Mark Cuban and others to make it happen,” Digital Ventures co-founder and chief executive Alex Wunder said in a statement.

“Mark Cuban is an exceptional innovator and a leader in the world’s most powerful and lucrative online advertising business.

We are honored to partner with him on this historic venture and look forward to working with him to create the world-class ecosystem that will drive the next wave of growth for Shark and for all online advertising.”

Shark Tank launched in 2014 as a live-streamed show where you could ask a question about yourself and the shark you were watching.

It quickly became a popular social-media platform where people could talk about and ask questions about their favorite shark and celebrities.

It now boasts a loyal following of more than 40 million viewers.


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