AERCAP, a German investment bank, has partnered with Docusign to build a digital business and investment platform that will allow people to purchase and sell securities online.

The platform will also allow investors to exchange and sell shares of their businesses directly to one another.

The partnership is a continuation of Dupont’s work with Dontel, a Swiss investment bank that was previously known for its blockchain solutions, and Docusen, a digital financial platform that has built partnerships with major investment banks.

The two companies have partnered with Dupont for its new ecommerce platform.

The partnership will be an important milestone for the investment bank.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Dupont Chief Executive Peter Staudl, who is also CEO of Aercap said the company is now committed to building the first fully-fledged digital platform.

“We are now ready to deliver a fully-functioning, open-source, fully-automated trading platform to our customers,” he said.

Docusign, an investment bank in New York, has built an international network of trading desks in finance, real estate, insurance, real-estate development and real-time asset management, and will become a leader in digital-first investing.

Dontel has been the largest shareholder in Docuson since 2013, when it bought a 30 percent stake in the investment company.

Dontels CEO said the new partnership with Duponto is a “big step forward” for the bank, adding that it is a great way to make its platform better for investors.

Dresdner, who has been Dupont investor in Germany for many years, is not the only one who is looking to build an e-payment platform in the coming months.

He said his team is looking for an investor to partner with on the new platform, and he expects to have a partnership in place within the next two months.

Dineen, which is owned by German investor Nederlandsche Bewegungsbank (NGB), is looking into a platform for e-banking, and has already partnered with Bewesenbank.

Dinesen also recently announced plans to open an office in London, and it is looking at a partnership with a major investment bank to build the platform.

In March, Dinesen announced a partnership to build one of the world’s largest payment networks for small and medium businesses.