Amazon, the US-based e-commerce giant, has been in the headlines recently after it announced plans to buy back $8.7bn in shares at a $11bn valuation.

But there’s more to the story than just the price tag.

For investors who are looking to invest in a large-cap company, Amazon may be a good option to consider, but the company has its own challenges.

As of January 2018, Amazon had a total of $3.3tn of cash and equivalents, with a net worth of $77.6bn.

These numbers are down from $3tn in 2017.

The company has also been struggling with a number of major issues.

The financial impact of the buyback is likely to be substantial.

“Amazon has been struggling to turn a profit, which is why it’s been trying to cash in on shares, which have fallen in value since the buybacks began,” said Manish Singh, an analyst at Cowen and Co. “The company is also struggling to find ways to make a profit on its stock in light of Amazon’s recent restructuring.”

In addition, the company faces a number antitrust and tax issues.

Amazon is currently battling with the US Justice Department over its pricing practices.

Amazon has faced a number class-action lawsuits, including a suit filed by former employees of the e-tailer.

As for Amazon’s stock price, the firm has been able to attract a huge number of institutional investors in recent years.

In the past, Amazon has been one of the few companies that could beat the market by selling shares at prices higher than the market.

But as more and more companies have come into the market, the market has become more competitive and Amazon has not been able, or willing, to maintain its lead in that regard.

For example, Amazon recently cut its target price for the stock from $14.50 to $13.50, but this resulted in the stock falling from $11.25 in August 2017 to $10.50 in November 2018.

Similarly, Amazon was able to sell shares at $11 per share in 2017 but this price has been reduced to $9.00 per share.

These factors have made it difficult for investors to make money from Amazon.

This is because Amazon is trying to sell its shares at an artificially low price.

According to Cowen, this is because of “the huge volatility” in the market in recent months.

“The recent plunge in Amazon shares has been a setback for the company, which has been unable to make any profit on the stock since the market’s recent surge,” said Singh.

“If Amazon can no longer generate substantial profits, it may have difficulty making significant investments in the future.”

Read more:Amazon stock price: The impact of recent price cuts on the marketThe fact that Amazon’s share price has fallen has also meant that the company is not able to keep up with the price of other tech giants like Apple, Microsoft and Google.

This means that the price that investors can buy from Amazon is very limited, and not very cheap.

Investors have not been buying into Amazon because of the price, and it has been possible to buy Amazon stock for the last two years.

However, in the past few months, investors have started to take notice of Amazon.

Many investors are also buying shares in Amazon because they are hoping to cash out before the company’s stock market crash.

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article There have been a number big-ticket deals in the last few years, like the $13 billion sale of Flipkart, and the $40 billion acquisition of Snapdeal.

The combined sales of these three companies have put India’s tech sector on the map.

But what if you were to look at Amazon?

In the last three months, the Indian stock market has been trading at an average of over Rs1,200 per share, a level that is not competitive with the global market.

As the company continues to struggle to make profits, its stock has lost its momentum.

“While it may seem that India’s financial markets are in an attractive position, the real picture is more negative,” said K. Raghuvanshi, head of emerging markets strategy at Nomura Securities.

“For investors looking to buy shares in India, Amazon is not an attractive option to make an investment.”

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