An Irish startup is planning to launch a network of investors, with the aim of boosting the number of people who are able to invest in the space.

Nivi Labs, which was founded in May, aims to bring together angel investors from across Ireland to create a network that will be able to attract more than 1,000 investors a year.

The Dublin-based company is working with a number of angel investors and is currently seeking out investors in the region, which is home to the capital’s largest tech ecosystem.

The aim is to provide a secure and well-funded investment platform, said the co-founder and chief executive of Nivi, Niamh O’Callaghan.

It will also be able offer investment opportunities to new companies, helping to drive growth in the tech sector in Ireland.

The startup is seeking funding for the launch of the angel investor community, which will allow users to access funding from around the world.

In its first phase, the startup is looking to connect up to 10 investors, who will then be able connect with their mutual friends to create their own community.

“The idea is that we want to bring a lot of people together in a space where they can connect with each other and share their experience,” O’Callaghan said.

“It is a really cool opportunity to bring people together.”

O’Callahan said the startup hopes to attract angel investors who are not interested in traditional angel investing, but rather are interested in creating a safe, secure space where investors can meet and collaborate.

“We want to provide an ecosystem where people can build their own communities and make connections,” she said.NIVI Labs will be launching its network of investor villages later this month.

Investors who want to invest will have to sign up for a trial membership, which can be accessed by visiting their MyNivius account.

The company is also looking to attract investment from other countries.

O’Callsign said she has spoken to people from France, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom who are interested to participate.

“So far, we have received funding from a number in the US, UK and Canada,” she added.

Ocallaghan also said the company is looking at how to integrate blockchain technology in the ecosystem.

“As the technology is evolving, it’s important to integrate it in a way that works for everybody, whether they are a crypto investor or a crypto start-up, or anyone else who wants to invest,” she explained.

“With this, we are hoping to make it easier for people to be able participate in the community.”

Investors can sign up to the NIVI investor village for the first time by visiting the MyNIVius account and entering the code ‘NIVINIB’.

In the next few weeks, NIVi plans to open up the platform for non-investor users, and is also working with partners in the startup space to create new opportunities for investors.