By Football Italy staffIt is hard to believe that Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi could be at the helm of one of the most successful clubs in world football.

A club that has won seven Serie A titles and reached the Champions League final four times in the last 20 years is certainly the most popular club in the world.

However, Milan is also one of Italy’s biggest economic failures, and the club has had to make massive spending cuts over the years to keep its finances afloat.

This summer, it was announced that Milan had to slash €7.6m in wages and reduce its spending on players.

The club’s total debt stood at €57m, and €12m was owed to the Bank of Italy.

However for Berlusco, it seems that he has no choice but to cut costs.

In the past two seasons, Milan has taken a massive financial hit, spending almost €200m on players, and in the second half of last season the club had to pay off €6m of loans.

It is now time for the club to start to reverse its fortunes, and Berlusconis first priority should be to bring in players who are going to help the club win trophies.

Berlusconi, who is due to step down in 2019, has already confirmed that he is interested in the services of players such as Andrea Pirlo and Francesco Totti.

But the Bianconeri have been left behind by the rest of the Serie A, and there is an expectation that they will struggle to find replacements.

There are many factors that are leading to the club’s downfall, but the most glaring problem is the financial crisis that the club is facing.

Berluscans first priority has to be to get out of the financial straitjacket and to get the team back on track.

However many other Italian clubs are not as fortunate, and their debts have been rising rapidly.

In a recent report by Italian sports newspaper Il Giornale, the former owner of Milan said that Milan could have as much as €2.7bn in unpaid debts by 2019.

In reality, that number is likely to be much higher.

The latest statistics from the Italian government indicate that in 2019 the Italian economy is expected to grow by 4.5%, which means that Milan’s debt could reach €6.8bn.

If Milan can’t find a new owner by 2019, the club could be forced to liquidate its accounts in the next five years.

If the Biancois do not find a way out of this mess, it is likely that they are going into a period of stagnation that could see the club lose its European Champions League status.

That is because the Champions Cup would be the only trophy that Milan will be able to achieve in the future.

This year, Milan will face Sevilla in the Europa League in the final of the Champions’ League, which will be played on Sunday, April 20.

It is a tough final to win, and Sevilla have never won it in the Champions league.

The Bianconese are unlikely to be able even to finish second in the competition, which is why Sevilla are likely to score a huge home win to boost their confidence.

The Biancones fans have been known to go bananas when Sevilla’s opponents score, and that is what will happen in the penultimate round.

This season, it will be hard for the Bianca’s fans to accept that their team will be knocked out by a team from the second division.