You may have been wondering how to protect your investment in Hilton’s iconic hotel.

Now you know.

The ABC has compiled a guide to ensure your money’s safe after an investor calls and threatens to leave your investments.

“The only thing you can do is tell the person to stop contacting you,” Mr Dyson said.

“I think it’s really important that they do not call again.”

Investors can contact the Hilton Investor Relations Team at 1300 659 723.

Mr Dyson has been inundated with calls and emails.

“We’ve had a few of them that were from people saying ‘I’m leaving the Hilton and I’m going to go to the airport and then go back to my Hilton and leave’,” he said.

Hilton has been in the news over its decision to stop accepting domestic and international cash withdrawals.

In September, the company’s CEO, John Dyson, said the move was a result of customer feedback.

“There is no other option,” Mr Poulter said.

“Hilton wants to be the most transparent brand in the world.”

Mr Dison’s comments were made on a day when Hilton and its parent company, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, announced they would no longer accept domestic and overseas cash withdrawals from the company.

“That’s a significant change in our policy and we think it has been very successful for the company and for our guests,” Mr Nevin said.

But Mr Dison has been accused of being too soft on the company, with a petition on calling on him to “stop making people mad” and “make a change”.

“The way that John Denny and his team have behaved in the past, we would say that the company has got the wrong message,” Mr Zilinski said.

“We are now being told that they need to be more aggressive in making sure that customers are not hurt by their behaviour.”

Investor advocates say it is important to monitor the behaviour of your own investments, and take appropriate action if you suspect fraud.

“It is important that you monitor your investments as they change,” Mr Larkin said.”[If] you’re buying a Hilton credit card and the next day you see a call from the Hilton investor threatening to leave the card and then you are informed by the Hilton representative that it’s a scam, then you should have action taken.”

Mr Zilinksi said there were no guarantees when it came to investing in Hilton, and that it was important for investors to monitor their investment.

“You don’t know what’s going on,” he said, adding it was up to the investor to decide whether or not they wanted to take that risk.

“Investors should be able to trust their investment in the company to their own judgment.”

Hilton is currently in the middle of a $6 billion writedown from its financial year, which began in July, after a review into how it deals with customers who leave their accounts.


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