The stock of Jeff Brown Investment Company, the maker of Snapchat, has a big chance of increasing its dividend this year, according to an investor who recently invested.

Jeff Brown Investment has an option to increase the dividend by $0.40 per share this year.

That would give the company a $2.5 billion payout in the first quarter of 2018.

It’s also the second time the stock has increased in value this year — in the third quarter of 2017, it rose by nearly $1 billion.

The stock is currently trading at $13.90.

In the fourth quarter of this year and in the following quarter, Jeff Brown also is expecting a dividend increase of between $0,1 and $1.25 per share, based on the assumption that Snap’s revenues will increase as a result of the Snapchat IPO.

The company is currently forecasting $20 billion in revenue for the fourth fiscal quarter.

The company reported its third-quarter earnings on Thursday.

Jeff Brown said that the company’s revenue in the quarter was $21.5 million, up from $19.2 million the previous year.

In recent weeks, Jeff Greenstock, an investor and former stock analyst at Bloomberg, has become bullish on Snap’s stock.

He said that Jeff Brown could be looking at a dividend hike in the fourth and fifth quarters, adding that Jeff Greenstocks prediction is a “high-risk” stock.

Jeff Greenstock said that it’s “highly likely” that Jeff’s company will raise its dividend in the next two quarters, and that it could potentially be a “cash cow” for the company.


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