When is Viking Global Investors’ Investor Relations Salary Up?

Viking Global investors are seeking an investor relations representative to assist with recruitment, hiring and compensation for their global investors.The company said in a blog post today that this position is available to all investors worldwide.In addition, Viking Global is hiring.The posting notes that the position is part-time and the HR representative will not be […]

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McDonalds investors’ comments on investor relations

A new investment manager has criticised the investment strategy of the global burger chain’s investor relations department.In a blogpost on its website, the McDonalds investor centre said its chief financial officer had been “incredibly supportive of the team in terms of communication and communication support”.“The team at McDonalds is one of the best in the […]

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How to invest in crypto and the blockchain, in our Q&A

Investing in the crypto space can be a challenging and exciting process.It is important to understand how the blockchain can help you make money, and what you should consider before you invest.We take a look at the best investment platforms, platforms for individuals and businesses, as well as the blockchain and the crypto markets in […]

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How to buy in the US in 2018

A year ago, it was the start of the American economy.The first signs of life appeared as the global economy came roaring back from the global financial crisis.But with so many of us still reeling from the financial crisis, the American recovery was nowhere near complete.Now that the dust has settled and the US economy […]

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