BlackRock to launch ‘blackstone investment research’

The investment firm BlackRock will launch a new program to help “help investors understand the blackstone industry.”The new initiative, which is being led by BlackRock’s Chief Investment Officer and Chief Technology Officer and will be based on BlackRock Capital’s “investment research platform,” will offer investment advice to institutional investors on investing in the cryptocurrency space, […]

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Why are we still paying $300 a month for an iPhone?

On the plus side, the company is actually able to use some of the iPhone’s existing functionality.In fact, it even has an iOS-compatible application that allows users to search for things like restaurants, movies, music, and more.In its latest update, the app has even added a feature called “Find Me,” which lets users search for […]

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How to invest in Spanish stocks and the latest updates

Investor Relations Manager at AEA Investors Group, Andrew R. Shulman, shared with us the latest developments on the AEA Spanish Equity Investment Program, the latest news and analysis on the investment opportunities available in Spain and the most recent updates from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Spanish banks to get ‘unprecedented’ tax relief

Spanish banks have agreed to pay a record $1.3 billion in tax in a deal that would allow them to receive a boost in the form of a tax holiday.Bloomberg News reports that the banks have already reached an agreement with the government on the tax bill that will bring Spain’s total to $2.3 trillion […]

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