Dupont, aercap, investment bank online to partner on new e-commerce platform

AERCAP, a German investment bank, has partnered with Docusign to build a digital business and investment platform that will allow people to purchase and sell securities online.The platform will also allow investors to exchange and sell shares of their businesses directly to one another.The partnership is a continuation of Dupont’s work with Dontel, a Swiss […]

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When the SEC finally releases its annual report for 2018

The SEC has announced that it will release its annual reports for the years 2019 through 2021.A total of 11 reports have been filed by the SEC in this time period, including one on the 2016-2017 financial year.The annual reports are due out on February 24, 2019.According to a statement from the SEC, the agency […]

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Aussie billionaire says he’s considering leaving bitcoin exchange to focus on his company

AUSTRALIA’S richest man has been in the news for months, with reports of a potential takeover of his popular online bitcoin exchange.The announcement came from billionaire mining company Bitfury on Thursday.The company’s CEO, Alexander Ivanishvili, told the Australian Financial Review the company was working on its own digital currency but had no plans to take […]

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Why am I in the wrong job? A report on the financial crisis

I am a senior finance associate at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, where I have worked for the last three years.During my tenure, I have witnessed a number of serious financial crises in our country and am grateful for the lessons that I have learned about managing and communicating with the public in […]

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