McDonalds investors’ comments on investor relations

A new investment manager has criticised the investment strategy of the global burger chain’s investor relations department.In a blogpost on its website, the McDonalds investor centre said its chief financial officer had been “incredibly supportive of the team in terms of communication and communication support”.“The team at McDonalds is one of the best in the […]

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What you need to know about Facebook investor relations

Investor relations is a crucial part of any investment management company.It can provide valuable insight into how an investor feels about the company, what they think is likely to happen next and how to respond to a potential problem.However, the process can be frustrating.What if the investor doesn’t get what they’re looking for?The most common […]

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McDonald’s has launched a ‘Smart Franchise Partner’ for its new franchisees

McDonald’s is launching a “Smart Franchise Partnership” for franchisees who want to start up a new restaurant.The company’s executive director of franchising, Tom Smith, confirmed the initiative in a statement today.“As we begin the transition to a new model, we are launching a new franchise partner program to assist our franchisees with business planning, marketing, […]

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McDonalds says it will cut $1.2bn in U.S. jobs

McDonalds Corp. will cut its U.K. and Ireland investment plans, including its planned $1bn investment in the food service company Shopify, as part of a broad restructuring plan announced in March.The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that Shopify will save 1,700 jobs in the United Kingdom and Ireland and 1,600 jobs in Europe, where […]

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How to Use The Investment Banking Industry’s Insider Rating System to Protect Yourself from Bribes

Posted October 20, 2018 05:33:07 The Investment Bankers Association of America (IBAA) is asking you to use the Insider Rating system for your banking needs.IBAA is the umbrella group of the investment banking industry.It includes a number of investment banks, brokerages, investment trusts and mutual funds.IBTA has created an Insider Rating Calculator to help you […]

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