US Family Office

US Family Office

Specialist investment services for Americans in the UK

Being an American living overseas comes with many benefits, but also some challenges, particularly when you are looking for investment advice for Americans in UK. Not least, how to ensure your financial affairs are working at their optimum. We have specialised in providing investment advice for Americans in UK, tax efficient investing for Americans in London, and managing wealth for US investors for 25 years. We are one of the few wealth managers who actively welcome US clients and are both SEC (US) and FCA (UK) regulated. A strong track record of long-term investment advice for Americans in UK has allowed us to take a long-term view on behalf of our US clients. We provide tax efficient investing for US citizens in London and comprehensive financial advice for American citizens in UK.

Wealth Management for American Citizens in the UK


Daniel Freedman

Junior Associate

Gary Marcus

Senior Associate

News & Insight

International Wealth Management for US Families

Executive Director of our US Family Office, Robert Paul, discusses the subject of International Wealth Management; how only when you look at your assets as a whole are you truly able to maximise and be efficient with your wealth and stay in line with your overall investment strategy.

Thinking Globally

In light of FATCA, CRS and changes to the non-dom rules, transparency is now more important than ever. Robert Paul, Executive Director of our US Family Office, discusses the challenges US families face and how regulation is forcing investors to think globally.


As a wealth manager, it is vital to consider the various reporting requirements of different tax jurisdictions. Executive Director of our US Family Office, Robert Paul, discusses how Wise Capital provide the right information, in the correct currency and required format to all clients for increased transparency when reporting.